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Tabriz Mediateque


The inherent challenge of the ‘Mediatheque’  is to express, represent, and stimulate the values of a society constructed as an open-source system: a portal to a world that showcases the imbrications of a cultural melting pot. With this ambitious premise the Mediatheque is envisioned as an application of the ’state of the art’ in modern technologies; the generation of an iconic object shaped by its temporal. Mediatheque design aimsto both solve and express a series of complex articulations. Contextual Articulation: The site is located at a critical pivot, a node juxtaposed between two major orientations:Tabriz Urban Railway Organization , Tabriz University and Cultural Center. I believe that in the near future Mediatheque generations will play a crucial role in cultural societies, as a nerve system in the body of the city, therefore we've tried to draw inspiration From this concept to create a volume derived from nerve cells and their cauls. Since there are three key locations in approximation to the site, so this form also tries to connect them and their functions with each other in the best coordination possible.
Bachelor Thesis/ Feb 2011
Advisor: Dr.jalal Salek Zamani

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