Architectural Urbanisim - Arman Massahi

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Architectural Urbanisim


There is an interactive correlation between buildings as architectural elements and streets as urban principles. Traditionally, there has been a clear boundary between these two major factors of an urban system, where they contradict each other. They have always had separate characters, distinct codes and divided regulatory systems.
This thesis seeks to erase this clear border between architecture and urbanism by blurring the edge of the boundaries around streets and buildings. This formation strategy brings urbanism designation and architectural thinking into one singular territory. In fact, they are no longer distinct; consequence is neither architecture where houses accumulate into a city, nor an urban network where the grids lay out an infrastructural carpet. In this city, the grids and its figural deviations are both urban and architectural.
The resulting formal city operates according to an architectural perspective by changing the typical network systems of an urban strategy. Instead of having streets as a connection between buildings, the buildings themselves connect to each other at an urban scale. In other words, streets read as buildings, and buildings read as streets in order to create an architectural urbanism.

Advisor: Anna Neimark

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