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Deep Surfaces


This design exploration seeks to create a fluid definition of “Deep Surfaces” in the habitable space. Limitless in complexity though simple in observation, boundless vistas present whilst intriguing the viewer and inviting continual interaction with the environment.
We started this project by flowing a fibrous 3D surface into a zero gravity space. The intersection of fibrous elements create movement of surface vertex points that are animated and captured in an IGEO computational environment in order to create conceptual 2D line drawings.We also used Processing to script this surface into individual lines and points.
After the initial surface was created the first exercise was to translate these 2D lines and points into a multilayer conceptual model by using various materials in order to have a better understanding of “Deep Surfaces”.  This Resulting conceptual model is created with three different materials:
1. Upper Layer (Powder3D-printed surface)
2.Middle layer (Steel sticks)
3. Lower Layer (Milled hard foam)
Each of these layers is giving a new and specific definition of “Depth” to the physical model.
Our last attempt was converting this conceptual model to a building by using the same language which we have used for the conceptual model creating habitable spaces that reveal human scale within the ever changing volumes to which a viewer can relate. In this 16 story building, spontaneous collaboration of the inherent properties between floor slabs as horizontal elements and multilayer surfaces as space dividers are creating consistently unique interior spaces and dynamic geometric volumes by themselves.

Advisor: Andrew Atwood  
In collaboration with Christian Santini

Spring 2012

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